Lockport Project (VMS)

Submarine bimodal volcanic rocks of the Wild Bight Group host pervasively altered rhyolites and VMS-style alteration and base-and precious-metal mineralization (Cu, Zn, Au).

950 hectare project located ~15km NE of Callinex’s Point Leamington VMS deposit; good road access.  Focus of extensive exploration by Altius Resources in 1998-2001.

Integral to the Lockport Project is the “Lockport Mine” block, where an overturned, pyritic, volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit with an extensive chalcopyrite-rich stockwork zone has been drilled.

Drill intersections include: 0.99% Cu over 14.0 metres (DDH L-05), 0.71% Cu over 11.9 metres (DDH L-10), 1.44% Zn over 26.0 metres (DDH LP-98-01),  and 0.71 g/t Au over 11.66 metres (DDH LP-98-01).

More Information coming soon.

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