Dedicated to Newfoundland & the Environment

Puddle Pond Resource Inc. is a Newfoundland incorporated company, dedicated to finding the balance needed to bringing economic prosperity to Newfoundlanders and Investors, while striving to minimize the health impact to the environment and Newfoundland families. The management team is actively involved in the regulation and protection of the environment and an important part of Puddle Pond’s Mandate is delivering exploration programs while finding a balance with the environment.  We our proud of our track record in meeting or exceeding all the legislative guidelines, while developing our projects.


Company President and COO Vic French is a past member of the Wilderness and Ecological Reserve Advisory Council (WERAC).  Its purpose is to advise the government on the creation and management of wilderness and ecological reserves.  

Puddle Pond Chairman, CEO and Director Mr. Bill Butler is the owner and operator of Hi-Point Industries, a manufacturer and provider of environmental products and services.  In 2006 Mr. Butler was presented the Exporter of the Year Award by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in recognition of over 2 decades of servicing the International Petroleum Industry through a worldwide distribution network in 28 countries.  He has also been the recipient of other awards from various organizations including the Manufacturing Association and Environmental Industry Association.  With extensive experience in the prevention and control of environmental hazards, Mr. Butler’s expertise and products have helped mitigate environmental damage at major spills such as the Alaskan Valdez spill, the Iron Baron spill in Australia and a catastrophic spill in Uruguay.

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